Green Lotus Therapies offers a wide variety of massage therapies and ayurvedic bodywork in addition to classes and seminars for massage therapists, yoga enthusiasts, estheticians and herbalists.


If you're new to ayurveda or are a curious about how massage therapy can help you, you are welcome to browse the website, send an email to faulkner.jeannie@gmail.com, or call 720-250-6669. 

Approved Educator through the National Certification Board for

Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. (NCBTMB)


 Also Offering 

• Massage Therapy

   - Nurturing Medical Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Hot Stone Massage

• Ayurvedic Bodywork

   - Abhyanga (Warm oil massage), Postnatal Ayurvedic Bodywork, Pinda Swedana (Herbal massage), Shirodhara (Warm oil/head treatment and much more

• Botanicals

   - "Wild Woman" hot flash spritz, Warm herbal packs and fomentations for women, Various aromatherapy blends , Custom aromatherapy blending


• Specifically for Women...

 - Therapies that help with PMS & painful menstrual cycles, Relief of symptoms associated with menopause, Pre and postnatal massage therapy









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